Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Ggreat Ggrail Hunt: Find the Holy Grail where Dan Brown said it wasn't


Now that the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google game is over, it's time to turn your attention to the Ggreat Ggrail Hunt sponsored by

While Southern Baptists and Catholics want to convince you that the Jesus and Mary bloodline talked about in The Da Vinci Code doesn't exist, GrouchoGandhi has far more serious fish to fry. His game will, when played to the end, present you with incontrovertible FaCTs — absolute proof — that a major passage in The Da Vinci Code is "not only wrong, but flat-out false."

The game is to find the Holy Grail in Da Vinci's The Last Supper painting, where Dan Brown, in The Da Vinci Code, said it isn't.

From The Da Vinci Code:
Sophie paused, realizing it was the trick question. And after dinner, Jesus took the cup of wine, sharing it with His disciples. "One cup," she said. "The chalice." The Cup of Christ. The Holy Grail. "Jesus passed a single chalice of wine, just as modern Christians do at communion."

Teabing sighed. "Open your eyes."

She did. Teabing was grinning smugly. Sophie looked down at the painting, seeing to her astonishment that everyone at the table had a glass of wine, including Christ. Thirteen cups. Moreover, the cups were tiny, stemless, and made of glass. There was no chalice in the painting. No Holy Grail.

You also might want to take another look at the article from last week Have Dan Brown's Secret Notes for "The Solomon Key" been decoded and brought to light? about the possible leak of Dan Brown's notes about his upcoming book The Solomon Key. The book reportedly features Mormons, Freemasons, more anagrams, the Georgia Guidestones, and the sacred geometry, architecture and street layout of Washington, D.C.

Our visitor statistics program shows that the articles So Dark the Con of Man and Have Dan Brown's Secret Notes for "The Solomon Key" been decoded and brought to light? have been hammered by several thousand visitors today after Google listed us as the number two result on the search phrase "so dark the con of man" anagram. (Number one is some site selling coffee mugs and t-shirts with a The Da Vinci Code theme — nothing informative there.)

The article on Brown's notes about The Solomon Key contain many cryptic words which are possibly anagrams that may lead to further illumination.

Enjoy the Ggreat Ggrail Hunt. Your eyes will be astonished once they're opened.

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