Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This Week in God: The Da Vinci Code Edition


Since time immemorial, or least as far back as 1999 when Jon Stewart took over from original host Craig Kilborn, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been a strange and wonderful late-night respite from reality, a feculent festival of funny. Irreverant and disrespectful, it skewers both the political left and right with its humorous look at the news.

Even though both host Jon Stewart and former correspondent Stephen Colbert, who now has his own show, also on Comedy Central, have met with mixed reviews in their "real world" debuts (Stewart hosted the Oscars a few months ago, and Colbert last weekend roasted President Bush to less than critical acclaim), when they're in their own element, tucked away on basic cable during the local news hour from 11 p.m. to midnight, they sometimes shine.

One long-running feature of The Daily Show, originally hosted by Colbert, is "This Week in God," a satirical look at religion.

This week's "This Week in God" was billed as "The Da Vinci Code Edition." The host of this segment usually slaps a "lightning round"-looking contraption called "The God Machine" to set a roulette-wheel of pictures of various gods in motion, ticking down to the one then discussed.

On May 1, Rob Corddry told us that "The God Machine was first conceived by Da Vinci, who called it 'The Elliptico Godsmackulator.'"

Slap your own God Machine, or just click here, to watch The Da Vinci Code Edition of "This Week in God." (It will open in a new window.)

Image: The first photo I could find of Jon Stewart and Rob Corddry together.

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