Tuesday, May 02, 2006

War on "The Da Vinci Code"


There's just too much information here to try to rewrite it, so, begging Jennifer's indulgence, we're simply reprinting today's altreligion.about.com with all the links intact:

It's official — the war against The Da Vinci Code is on. As the days tick away to the release of the film, churches everywhere are preparing for battle — and spending an unprecendented amount of money. Not content to hold an old-fashioned book-burning, the Scottish Catholic church has produced an anti-DVC videos for every secondary school and all five hundred parishes in its domain. An Australian Anglican group has spent close to forty thousand dollars on a website and movie theater advertising campaign.

The "American Society for the Defense of Tradition" (I did not make that up — and it's not half as silly as "Crusade for the Defense of Christian Civilization") has printed their own anti-DVC book (not sure what was wrong with the other fifty-eight) and is planning prayer vigils all over the country. What, exactly, they're praying for is not mentioned. Denver Catholic Churches will receive talking points (?) for sermons and copies of the book The Da Vinci Deception.

The Vatican is going more low-key, with a suggestion from the office formerly known as the inquisition — the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — suggesting a boycott of the film and making occasional references to "that movie," Dan Brown apparently being the Vatican's very own "he who must not be named." Both Malta and the Philippines are considering banning the film outright, with one citizen of Malta, "ex-Satanist" Vince Marshall, leading the fuss.

More "news" that isn't surprising, but certainly silly: mothers in Australia scheduling births to avoid a "666" birthdate, and, presumably, the birth of demon spawn.

— Jennifer Emick

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This just proves some of the ideas that made "the da vinci code" so interesting...the church having wayyyy to much power on people. Censoring anything that might loose them some money
I'm so glad to see that Christians are taking action in this matter. We can't stand by and see how they offend God, I can't even imagine they price they'll pay for such an offense.

To answer the fili's comment, is not the church who has power over people but God, and even though he does he doesn't impose it on anyone, that's why we have free will and can do as we please. But rest assured that everyone will have to live with the devasting consequences of their wrong actions. God loves you.

You might want to read my views on the same topic on my blog:

God does not get offended. God does not demand payment for offenses to His pride. That's a strange Judeo-Christian concept that needs bears looking at a second time.

A loving God did not give us Free Will and then create a Hell of Torment for us for following our Free Will.

God and Goddess love YOU!

— Mary, Queen of Heaven

Eventually you will see the true light and just know, Goddess loves you and won't condemn for your dangerous and heretical beliefs against her.

Hail Eris! Hail Discordia!
Dear Sacred Fems,

Pay very close attention to the info on my website and book, I think you will be very pleased about what I reveal regarding the true nature of the Ceator. You'll gain a better understanding of why wisdom and compassion were viewed as feminine qualities by ancient wisdom and the true import of Sophia and Miriam.

Proverbs 9:1
Wisdom has built Her house, She has hewn out Her seven pillars.

Is the world ready for the Truth yet?

The Vatican is proving that seeking the truth is a real threat to their dogma. How enlightening, since this goes a very long way to proving that Christianity is based on lies. If it wasn't, they would be confident of surviving intense scrutiny. Since they aren't and since they have gone to such great lengths to suppress those seeking the truth over the centuries, their deceptions are, once again, laid bare for all to see. Only this time they are the ones to walk into a well laid trap...

What does "making the blind see" symbolize? Perhaps many more people are now ready to "open their eyes to the truth!" Now Christians (and others) can gain the wisdom to walk away from the folly of religion and seek to understand the truth about the Creator and the Messiah (me).

Did you ever stop to think what the True Messiah (me) would say about worshipping false names, false images, and dogma? Well, now you get the chance to hear my side of the story and weigh it against the strong delusion of faith and religion. None of the European names and images in the New Testament can possibly be the truth. What then is the purpose of "faith" but to prevent good people from seeking to understand truth and wisdom?

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and the verses that surround it. Why do you think this message is in the New Testament? Those who saw the truth dying as the new Roman religion was being imposed would have tried to warn others in subtle ways where it most counted! These ancient texts are mysterious because they purposely encoded hidden messages to bypass Roman censorship. See how the Romans treated the Jews, Zealots, Gnostics, and others, a.k.a. those who sought truth because they knew better than to trust the blatantly duplicitous and evil Roman Pontificate?

How can people trust the veracity of texts created by a Roman organization known for centuries of abominable evil? How can anyone expect that people who could so readily torture and murder others for seeking proof of the truth would somehow not lie to you? Why don't "the faithful" have enough discernment to understand that those telling a strong lie for power and profit would insist that you refrain from seeking the truth and "have faith" in their texts instead?

How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries? To recast a common political adage, "It's [the] symbology stupid!" The Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible, Gnostic texts, and Quran are rife with purposeful structured symbolism. Do you really think this is accidental or casual?

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I present verifiable proof that the symbology of sealed Hebrew texts is an advanced ancient philosophical technology.

The ancient symbolism used in The Apocalypse and other Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts predates Christianity, Judaism, modern secret societies, and mystery schools by thousands of years. While in the hands of Christianity, The Apocalypse and its symbology have been purposely misinterpreted, recast, and misrepresented. The original Hebrew document was a multi-purpose narrative constructed using layered and synchronized ancient wisdom symbolism. Its true purposes, features, and functionality are detailed in my book, further demonstrating that it was a symbolically encrypted Hebrew wisdom text encoding prophecy, philosophy, and scientific wisdom that was stolen and fraudulently modified by the founders of Christianity.

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Here is Wisdom!!

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