Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Tactical Ice Cream Unit: Frosty treats and food-for-thought


Taking it to the streets to protest against Evil or rally for your favorite Good this summer? Before you get all hot and sticky, summon up some help by chanting the Magick Words: "I scream! You scream! We all scream! For ice cream!"

The Center for Tactical Magic has created the Tactical Ice Cream Unit, a SWAT-like van full of high-tech gizmos to act as a "Voltron-like alter-ego of the cops' mobile command center. Although the TICU appears to be a mild-mannered vending vehicle, it harbors a host of high-tech surveillance devices including a 12-camera video surveillance system, acoustic amplifiers, GPS, satellite internet, a media transmission studio capable of disseminating live audio/video, and of course, ice cream. With every free ice cream handed out, the sweet-toothed citizenry also receives printed information developed by local progressive groups. Thus, the TICU serves as a mobile nexus for community activities while providing frosty treats and food-for-thought."

When told to "move along," you can just separate the "scout," a push ice-cream cart, from the "mother ship" and amble further into the crowd, handing out your group's literature with the ice cream.

Comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and new What Will They Think of Next?

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