Monday, May 08, 2006

Da Vinci Code film already sold out in Mexico, Italy and Spain


Battle lines — long ones — are being drawn....

In spite of the Catholic Church having practically ordered its millions of not-so-faithful to avoid The Da Vinci Code movie, which opens May 19, forthcoming showings of the controversial film are already sold out in many parts of Mexico, Spain and Italy, three predominantly Catholic countries, the L.A. Weekly reported on Sunday.

The Vatican's position is that because other religions would never stand for offences against their beliefs, Christians should get tough, the paper says.

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The newspaper's headlines may say Catholics, but I can assure you that no real Catholic Christian or Christian of any denomination will go see that movie. They might have been baptized but they neither know or practice their faith.

The mention of Christians supporting the movie or doubting their faith is only a sure way to make a lot of money from people who doesn't have the guts to count themselves out of the Church altogether for some reason.
Who are you to make such a judgement about what a "real" Christian will do or not do? When you were you appointed official spokesperson for all of Christianity?

Why wouldn't a Christian see this movie? How can you be against something you haven't seen?

— Mary
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