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Have Dan Brown's secret notes for "The Solomon Key" come to light and been decoded?


It was announced recently that Dan Brown's new book, The Solomon Key, has been delayed, and will not be released until sometime in 2007.

Brown has dropped hints that his next book will be set in the U.S., and will involve Freemasons and Mormons.

An unnamed source close to Brown has indicated that the manuscript may be in for a major re-working, with some sections being rewritten to work recent real-life developments into the plotline. Not only are Freemasons and Mormons featured, but also fundamentalist Southern Baptists, a mysterious stranger who builds an unusual edifice in the rural south, an equally mysterious country boy from Kentucky with a bloodline stretching back to the Knights Templar. And, of course, the theme of the "Sacred Feminine" will run throughout.

Brown's fascination with codes and with secret societies led to speculation that the re-write may include a conspiracy within a conspiracy relating to last month's announcement that the secret code carved into Kryptos, the giant puzzle sculpture in the CIA compound in Virginia, was encrypted incorrectly.

Brown's recent plagiarism case may earn a nod in the new book The Solomon Key, as it is speculated he has again borrowed ideas, especially about Knights Templar, from the 1997 book The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, both of whom are Freemasons. It's also assumed that he will borrow heavily from 1995's Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock, on the subject of prehistoric civilizations in the Americas and Egypt. One rumor has Professor Robert Langdon referring to "the American Ben Gates." Benjamin Franklin Gates, of course, was the hero played by Nicolas Cage in the 2004 film National Treasure, about the search for a hidden Templar treasure safeguarded through the centuries by Freemasons. A sequel to the hit movie is expected to be released in 2007, the expected release date of Brown's The Solomon Key.

A leaked set of notes we've not yet seen supposedly mentions the Georgia Guidestones and contains website printouts discussing the background of the mysterious R.C. Christian, who paid for the erection and engraving of the Guidestones. The message of the stones is decidedly "new age-ish," and many fundamentalist Christian groups want to see the stones demolished, calling them unholy.

Part of the conflict in the new story, it has been rumored, is between a fundamentalist Christian cult derived from France called Martinists who have infiltrated Masonic lodges and the Scottish Rite in the southern part of the U.S., and a mysterious Freemason who claims a bloodline from Jacques de Molay, the martyred leader of the Knights Templar, who was killed by the Catholic Church's Holy Inquisition in 1314. After visiting the French village of Rennes-le-Chateau, home of the Priory of Sion, in search of his roots, the knight of the Templar bloodline returns to the U.S. to re-establish an early "red" style of French Freemasonry and vanquish the Blue Lodge poseurs.

The Masonic layout of the streets in Washington, D.C. are expected to play a part in the book. Notes found indicate an interest in Fort Marcy Park, where the body of Vince Foster, Clinton's Deputy White House Counsel, was found in 1993. Though his death was ruled a suicide, there are many who see a conspiracy to hide evidence of murder.

The "Sacred Geometry" of the Masonic layout of streets in Washington, D.C., will most likely lead Brown's Professor Langdon to discover that Fort Marcy Park lies along the same line as that made by the National Mall, which lies between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and that extending that line almost all the way across the United States would pass directly through the Mormon Tabernacle Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Oddly, the Mormon Tabernacle is closed to the public throughout 2006.) Even more eerie, a line drawn from the Washington Monument to Rock Creek Park, where the body of Chandra Levy, a attractive Jewish woman who was a federal Bureau of Prisons intern and the secret lover of a Congressman, was found in 2002, would, if extended, pass through the Scottish Rite Freemasonic Center in D.C., as well as through Freemason's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Above Levy's name is handwritten the words "Shari Eli." Perhaps a character name? Chandra is Sanskrit for "light," that which Masons claim to seek.

One of the strangest pages may be this list of statues and monuments in the Washington, D.C. area, with perplexing phrases after them:

Notes: The last one may refer to the Washington Monument. "Accords femmes" translates from French into "women's agreements."

George Washington and Albert Pike were both Freemasons, as was Ben Franklin, who may be the "Ben" referenced in one of the phrases. "Ben" may also refer to the character Ben Gates in the film National Treasure.

The message of the Georgia Guidestones, written in English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili is:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

This is the first I have ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones, which is funny because I like to think I keep track of 'weird news'.

What a truly interesting event. It's a sweet mystery indeed.
Interested article, though I have to point out that is a terrible site that doesnt bother to check the accuracy of its information.
A few points:

First, your article states that "Fort Marcy Park lies along the same line as that made by the National Mall, which lies between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, and that extending that line almost all the way across the United States would pass directly through the Mormon Tabernacle Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah."

This is incorrect. According to GoogleEarth, the coordinates for the four places you mention are:

Washington Monument:

38º53'21.88" N 77º02'06.85" W

Lincoln Memorial:

38º53'21.88" N 77º.03'00.27 W

Fort Marcy Park:

38º56'03.98" N 77º07'36.60" W

Mormon Tabernacle:

40º46'13.26" N 111º53'35.72" W

As you can see, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial share the same latitude. Fort March Park is North of this latitude by 3 minutes or so, and the Mormon Tabernacle is North of this latitude by almost 2 degrees.

Second, your article refers to the "Mormon Tabernacle Temple." There is no such place. The Tabernacle is the turtle-shaped building used for large meetings. The Temple is the large, 6-spired granite building next to the Tabernacle. They are distinct buildings with distinct purposes.

Third, your article states that "the Mormon Tabernacle is closed to the public throughout 2006." There's not much odd about it. The building has been undergoing seismic upgrades since about mid-2005.

Man! You're a genius! I think you've uncovered something here...

Two degrees and three minutes displacement... that's the Sacred Number 23! And it fits the Law of Fives!

Plus... two degrees may have something to do with the missing Masonic degrees. I've heard there used to be more degrees, or maybe less, in Freemasonry. I'll have to ask Widow's Son about that.

The whole thing about the Mormon buildings sounds suspect to me. Maybe there's a secret Mormon building located two degrees south of the downtown SLC Mormon compound. Two degrees is 138 miles; the entire populated valley of that area is sometimes known as Salt Lake City instead of by its individual town names. And many addresses are known by the their distance from the main Mormon tabernacle.

First of all, I want to thank Spencer for his clarification. I will go further to discuss more on Mormonisn and Salt Lake City hopefully dispelling any conspiracy theory that Mary has inspired.

Let me clarify what Mary said about the addresses of Salt Lake. Addresses in Utah are set up in a grid pattern with a Main Street normally going North and South and a Center Street going east and west. Addresses are then made from their distance away from these streets (100 N, 200 N, etc.) And by design of Salt Lake City, the temple is located in the center of this grid pattern. The coordinates from downtown Salt Lake City are used exclusively in Salt Lake County, which only extends some 10-20 miles south of the temple and maybe 5 miles north.

As for secret buildings, 38º53'21.88" N 111º53'35.72" W, which the point that would cross through both the Washington Monument and the Salt Lake Temple is located on top of a mountain along I-70 near a small farming town called Salina, Utah. I'm no expert, but I really doubt any connection!

With logic like that, you'll certainly never write a 50+ million best seller!
thank you for the info, it has helped me write my novel better as i intend to beat dan brown to it with my best seller.
i think mine with be better.
look out for a book which searches for the lost ark of the covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant isn't lost. It's in Ethiopia, right where it's supposed to be.

— W.S.
I only skimmed through this entry, however...
As a previous comment pointed out the Tabernacle is a fucking auditorium, not a temple.
Check your facts before you write anyting.
Well, Dan seems to be playing with anagrams again :)

Irish ale = Hi Israel
A fenced in miser = Sacred feminine

Paul P.
I am somewhat disappointed that you were clever enough to come up with some interpretations, but comepletely wrong about others.

For example, you point out these notes with "cryptic" passages or phrases behind them:

"D.C. Masonic Temple — Irish ale
Jeff Memorial — A fenced in miser
Albert Pike statue — Fresh cad onto a monk
Persephone statue on Capitol — Hi, Israel
Geo. Washington Masonic Memorial — Print a rug, Ben
Washington Obelisk — Accords femmes"

Then you attempt to comprehend them or explain them in a completely incoherent manner. These phrases are what are known as "anagrams" - transpositions of letters making new words. You even answered one yourself.

D.C. Masonic Temple — Irish ale
Irish Ale = Shari Eli, the name you mention only a paragraph or so earlier.

So your assumption that "Femmes Accords" means something in French is ridiculous. Unravel the anagrams and you'll know the secrets. It is "Meccas for Dems". Obviously, Brown is referring to The Hillary Clinton presidency.

No, I don't know what they all mean. But if they are the names of women or characters who are murdered because they know something, perhaps "Hi, Israel" is an anagram for "Iris Hale". Perhaps "A Fenced in Miser" is "Francine Demise"? "Print a rug, Ben" could be "Ruben Parting". "Burning Pear"? "Brian Purgen"? (Ben Gates, indeed.)

Anyway, decent thoughts.
FYI - The reason why the Salt Lake Tabernacle is closed throughout 2006 isn't all that mysterious, its being seismically retrofitted and remodeled. It is now reopened and you can tour the building. The information on this website is sensationalistic nonsense.

Istanbul, June 17

The Holy Grail, the elusive cup at the heart of countless
legends, is hidden in Saint Sophia Museum in Istanbul,
according to a Turkish researcher.

Ferhat Kanarya , an amateur researcher and information
technologist , claims the legendary article is in a
lunette-like room at upper gallery of Saint Sophia Museum.

He believes He has solved mysterious the Shugborough Code.
According to Ferhat Kanarya , solution gives the exact
location of the Holy Grail. Ferhat Kanarya pinpoints
the hidden location on an image and gives detailed
informations about his solution at his website

When Ferhat Kanarya completed his research , he started to
a new research on Rennes le Chateau Mystery. Ferhat Kanarya
claims he revealed the Mystery and it has a link to Holy Grail.
He believes his new solution supports his previous theory
about the Shugboroug Code.

Ferhat Kanarya is working on "the Number of Beast(666) Mystery" ,
"The solution of the Oak Island Mystery" , "The solution of
the Kryptos Code" , "the hidden message on the Last Supper
painting" and "The hidden code on the one dollar bill" currently.
He claims all of them comes from same sources and they has
a link to Holy Grail.

"I want to start an archeological research in Saint Sophia
Museum. But officials didn't give a positive response to me yet.
There is a big quest for 2000 years and I believe I finished it."
says Ferhat Kanarya.

For 250 years the code, found on the Shepherd's Monument at
Shugborough Hall, has mystified visitors, including Charles Darwin.

The monument includes a marble relief of Nicholas Poussin's
17th century painting Les Bergers d'Arcadie II, though the image
is reversed. In the picture a woman is pointing at the inscription
"Et in Arcadia Ego!"

Beneath it on the monument, commissioned by a member of the Anson
family in the mid 18th century, are the letters: "O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V"
flanked on one side by a D and on the other an M.

Where does the Holy Grail fit in? For a start, the Anson family
reputedly had connections with the Prieure de Sion, a secret
society which had its origins in the Knights Templar,
the legendary keepers of the grail.

The choice of the Poussin picture could also be significant -
he was said to be a member of the Prieure de Sion - while the fact
that the image was reversed may also be important because members
of the society were keen on inventing codes which involved mirror
This is all fine & well,if your in a movie.Look,freemasons don't rule the world,no secret agenda,no hidden degrees,none of that.One of the funniest things,are all the people calling Bush a Mason & how it shows.George Bush IS NOT A MASON,NEVER WAS,AND NEVER WILL BE.He is a member of skull & bones out of Yale.How can you even compare a college Frat. to a Masonic body?
Check out my blog for the actual plot of the book. I found out what Dan Brown was using for the plot of all of his books. It's a Masonic metaphorical "holy grail" that was left by Thomas Jefferson. Brown found out about it as I did and is using for the plot of his books. Follow this url:
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