Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tongan beauty hasn't worn clothing for nearly 20 years


The Pagan Temple's Patrick has an eye for lovely women — of that there is no doubt.

Recently, he's outdone himself in finding a woman who sounds as lovely inside as she appears outside. Patrick recently wrote about Sonia-Belle, a 38-year old blogger who lives on the Pacific Island of Tonga. Sonia-Belle says she hasn't worn clothing since she was 20.

Sonia is an artist who cuts and pastes other works into collages. She lives in Tonga with her husband and two teen-age daughters. Or so the blog says.

My favorite part, other than the pictures of beautiful nude women, is the posting of comments and reviews she's received. Apparently, some surfers think she's fake, the product of some fat man's fantasy. Others dis her art as less than art. But others find her refreshing and quite real. Who knows? Who cares? Just enjoy....

— W.S.

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Thank you very much for the post and for your blogroll link.

I am linking too...
Our pleasure to link to you, Sonia. Warm hellos from the other side of the planet....

Mary & the Widow's Son
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