Monday, September 11, 2006

Woshipping Aphrodite, Goddess of Life


Our pagan pal Patrick at the Pagan Temple writes about the artist Galleleo's image of Aphrodite, goddess of love.

"If you are the kind who can easily achieve a semi-trance state," Patrick writes, "it would be a relatively simple matter to meditate upon the goddess... to reach a point of meditation which you can go back to, again and again. You might find yourself becoming more and more attached to the goddess, and find yourself turning more and more to her. Once you get to know her well, it would not be at all innappropriate to indulge in the ritual I have developed for the worship of and attunement with Aphrodite."

The "ritual," Patrick explained in an article last year, to invoke Aphrodite is oral sex. He wrote:
Yeah, I know, to some people, that sounds downright disrespectful, maybe even sacreligious. After all, this is a goddess we are talking aobut, right? Well, first, you need to get out of that monothestic Christian mind-set. The deities are not out to denigrate or degrade us. They have their likes and dislikes, and their everyday pleasures and pasttimes, and it's only a matter of finding out the ones that are appropriate to them. There are, in most branches of paganism, certain deities that are extremely sexual oriented, and there is to them no shame in this.

With this in mind, for a man to invoke the goddess is quite a simple porocess. The setting is everything. A nicely decorated room, dark with pink and/or violet candles and flowers, wafting incense of patchouli, sandlewood, or lavender. Speaking of of lavender, a nice warm essential oil of lavender and cinnamon mixed evenly, perhaps with a drop or two of ylang ylang, added to a couple of ounces of heated olive oil. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you might want to add a bowl of rice. If you want to really be extravagant, make it a bowl of rice pudding, with plump juicey raisins. Arrange the bouquet of flowers, the candles, incense, oils, etc., along with maybe a bottle of wine, and you are ready to go. All you need then is a comfortable mat, and one more thing — the goddess.

Now, of course, you are not going to physicaly acquire the goddess. Or are you? After all, the deities are in-dwelling, in us all. So, you know a woman.... Don't be concerned that she may be a Christian woman, or a non-pagan. The deities dwell in us all, including non-pagans. Just the same, she doesn't necessarilly have to know what you are up to, as far as you using her for a surrogate substitute for the goddess. And that is what you are going to do, use her as a vessel to invoke the goddess Aphrodite. First, by massaging the oil all over her body, as sensously as you can. Silently invoke the aid of the goddess; allow her to guide you in your endeavors.

Then, begin the oral stimulation. You will know you have suceeded when you hear her crying out in ecstasy. Especially, if she says "Oh, God!" But you shouldn't get the big head over this. Remember, this is a method of servicing the needs of the goddess, not of pursuing your own lusts, of satisfying your own desires. Put the needs of the goddess first and foremost, and you will be rewarded accordingly (though this should not be your goal or intent).
Happy Goddess-worshipping!

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Thanks for helping spread the sacred word. It should of course be performed with due respect, reverence-and a good deal of caution, especially when it comes to choice of surrogates.
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