Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Morning After Pill: What do you think?


The controversy of allowing the Morning After Pill to be sold over the counter, but only to those 18 or over, has set bloggers a-blogging.

Goddess Bunny shares her view by posting a video from The View. The title she's chosen for the entry says it all.

Pagan Temple's Patrick gives a different take, writing a hot and heavy teenage four-letter-word-filled f*** fantasy. It's the ending, though, not the beginning, that's the obscene part.

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That was my personal contribution to Lughnasadh.
It's funny how peoples views change over time. I'm adopted, and figured I could have aborted. I went to catholic highschools which pounded into how wrong abortion was, I gave a speech in a communication class in college called abortion the silent holocaust.
But today, almost 20 years later with a 4 y/o daughter,and becoming more enlightened over time, I now believe it is a womans choice without any spiritual/god repercussions. We all are responsible for ourselves and not I or any other person has the right to judge.
So the morning after pill, abortion,rubbers, coitus interuptus, whichever brings harmony and happiness to the individual, I support.
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