Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Waitress cards a customer, is handed her own ID


A waitress at the Moosehead Saloon in Lakewood, Ohio asked a young female patron for her ID Saturday, to verify she was old enough to order a drink.

Imagine the waitress's surprise when the customer produced the waitress's own driver's license, lost (along with her purse and credit card) on July 9 at a bar in a different Ohio town, the AP reported.

As the waitress called police, the patron became suspicious and fled. Another customer ratted her out, giving her name as Maria Bergan, 23, of Westlake, Ohio.

Turns out the woman was old enough to drink. She was also old enough to know better. The waitress's credit card had been used for $1,000 in illicit purchases.

Bergan was arrested Saturday night and remains in the Westlake City Jail. She has been charged with identity theft and receiving stolen property.

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