Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pattie Boyd to tell all about Eric Clapton, George Harrison


Imagine being the inspiration for one of the most popular rock and roll anthems of all time.

Then imagine you were also the inspiration for not one, but two, of the most popular rock love songs in history.

Imagine you're Pattie Boyd, first wife of Beatle George Harrison, who left him to marry one of his at the time best friends, Eric Clapton.

The Beatles' Something, penned by Harrison, was about Pattie. So were Clapton's Layla and later, Wonderful Tonight.

She's still rich, famous and beautiful. And now, after a 40-year silence, she's ready to tell all. She had promised never to talk about her marriage to Clapton, but then, Clapton had promised not to talk about it, either. But when Clapton signed a 3.5 million pound tell-all book deal, she found herself a publisher, too.

She now has a nearly one million pound deal to write her own story, and she's promised to leave no skeleton buried. She says Clapton is no gentleman, despite his image in recent years.

Expect her book, as well as Clapton's, on bookshelves in the fall of 2007.

Can't wait for the books? Catch up by reading her story in the London Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Images: Then (1965) and now (2005).

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Pattie Boyd's reaction is a little strange - and I think not the whole story. Her real and lasting fame comes not from her short modelling career, or even her marriage to Harrison, but from Clapton - who wrote at least 12 songs for her - Layla being certainly the most famous. When they divorced she received a good settlement from him: 250,000 Pounds per annum is the reported figure - payable so long as she remained unmarried, which she has. She just broke up with her rich property developer boyfriend and a year after Clapton signs his deal - and longer than a year since he revealed his abusive behavior toward her, she gets mad? I don't know, I can see why she could be hurt but the story about getting revenge on Clapton isn't quite enough - something else is in the mix.
talking about money, money, yeah money,money. Gots to do the dollar bill. What a bunch of whossees.
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