Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Egypt bans, confiscates "Da Vinci Code" book and movie, ensuring higher prices for pirated copies


Egypt! The very name conjures up images of great gods and goddesses, great civilizations capable of building massive and beautiful Pyramids and temples, great antiquity, and ancient wisdom. The Gnostic libary was buried at Nag Hamadi. Moses was raised there. Ra! Isis! Alexander the Great!

That was then. This is now. Apparently no great ideals remain in Egypt, just petty people bowing to entrenched religion.

Spurred by the Christian Coptic Church, the Egyptian government has banned The Da Vinci Code movie and book, according to a June 14 issue of Voice of America News. And yesterday, the website African News Dimension announced that Egypt had begun confiscating the book from booksellers. The book has been available in Eqypt, in Arabic, since 2003.

The government claims the book and movie "insult religion."

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By the way, Spanish journalists found the new interpretation for the Holy Grail :) The Holy Grail = the World Cup.
Look at Nostradamus vs. Dan Brown
Just another example of the Poison of organized religion. What a group of imbecilic morons!!! I imagine a world where these morons would be kept under the rock from whence they came!
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