Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Breast "ironing" used in Africa to make girls less sexually attractive


A few weeks ago, SacredFems.com took a look at the disturbing practice common in Africa of the mutilation of the female genitalia. Using various procedures, the purpose is supposedly to remove the pleasure from sex, thus keeping the girl non-sexually active for as long as possible.

The BBC reported recently on another strange and dangerous custom, this one designed to make girls less sexually attractive to boys and young men — breast "ironing."

The breasts are pounded and massaged with hot objects to try to make them shrink, or disappear altogether. Twenty-six percent of girls in the African nation Cameroon undergo this "procedure." Though punishable by three years in prison, many mothers think they are acting in their daughters best interest, and many girls willingly allow themselves to be mutiliated in this way. Some girls even ask for it.

"I wanted to go to school like other girls who had no breasts," Emilia, a young girl from the village of Mamfe said.

Many mothers have no regrets about ironing their daughter's breasts.

"Breast ironing is not a new thing. I am happy I protected my daughter. I could not stand the thought of boys spoiling her with sex before she completed school," one woman explained.

"Unfortunately, television is encouraging all sorts of sexual immorality in our children."

Image: Tools are heated and then used to pound the breasts

We first saw this on Feministing.

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Africa has one of the hightest child sexual exploitation rates in the world so it goes to show how desperate these mothers have become in protecting their children from being raped. It’s sick of course what they do, but they do it because they are desperate...remember that in Africa, especially the southern parts, that some of the men are taught about all these vile rituals and sick superstitions where they are told that having sex with babies or virgin children that the act will cure or prevent them from having aids. It’s horrible! There has been incidents where groups of men rape tiny babies as young as 9 months! Literally doing this in front of the mothers! Thats how scared these mothers are that they would be doing such horrible things to their daughters to keep the men away at any cost....its horrible. Not only do the children have to worry about starving to death or getting aids, but they have to worry about being sexually abused or worry about being taken by evil regimes where the people then make them sex slaves or force them into armies which fight amongst each other and are then used for and by warlords. It’s not a good environment for anyone….let alone the little children. You can tell alot about a nation on how they treat their women and children. In Africa it’s pure savagery!
Your ignornace is appalling!!!! What could possibly know about African Culture?
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