Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Does sex during pregnancy lead to offspring being sex addicts?


We've recently discovered an interesting new blog called The Pagan Temple.

Patrick Kelley is an American pagan and witch. On his blog he propounds "on all subjects across the spectrum — from the darkness to the light, from the newsworthy to the trivial, from the mysterious to the apparent, from the magical to the commonplace, from the sacred to the profane. The Pagan Temple is a refuge from absurdity, and yet is a repository of it."

Recently he's posted a Victorian pornographic photo which led to a long comment-discussion on the identities of the participants and their psychological motivations for posing, a discourse on J. Lo's voodoo practices, a look at a Christian jihadist on the warpath against Satan, and one of my recent favorites, an article about sex during pregnancy.

Apparently Patrick spends his after-glow moments before drifting off to sleep contemplating the possibility that his passion for having sex with pregnant women is creating sex-addict babies. After all, coked-up mothers lead to coke-addicted kids, nicotine-fiends lead to baby chain-smokers, and alcoholic moms lead to tipsy tots... so he wonders if nine months of safe sex (meaning you can't get a pregnant woman pregnant) leads to sexually promiscious children.

Prude Alert: Four-letter words abound, as well as the occasional naked Victorian-era sex worker.

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Another great blog, Widows Son, I added it to my blogroll. Thanks for the comments. I might revisit that post at some point, maybe look at the subject with a greater emphasis on availiable scientific data that explains in utero infant addictions, and less emphasis on shock value. I do seriously wonder whether the dopamine (?), serotonin or other chemicals released by the brain during sex might have something of an effect. It's certainly worth looking at. Again, thanks
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