Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hungry men like heavier women


Hungry men like heavier women, research from England shows.

A recent study appearing in the British Journal of Psychology says how full a man's stomach is can dictate the type of woman he will be attracted to, UK research suggests.

A study of 61 male university students found those who were hungry were attracted to heavier women than those who were satiated. The hungry men also paid much less attention to a woman's body shape and regarded less curvy figures as more attractive.

No one quite understands why, but past research on attraction suggests social, cultural and psychological factors are involved.

What this means for the average Jack and Jill on a traditional date is anyone's guess. Will overweight women try to starve their male companions? Will skinny women tell their dates to stop by the buffet before picking them up? Will a man change his opinion of his date during the course of a meal?

This is interesting study... even moreso when you blend and stir these concepts in with the results of a study that said that if a woman smells like grapefruit, a man will perceive her as being up to six years younger, and with the results of a study that showed that living together makes women fatter and men healthier and thinner.

A few years ago one British study (who pays for these things?) determined that having obese friends made other people judge you more negatively than if you hang out with thinner people, regardless of whether you are obese or not.

The moral of all this?

There isn't one. I just found it interesting. And I'm going on a diet.

— Mary

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