Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Strippers keep their clothes on during river trip; nearby Baptist minister charged with sexually molesting 15-year old boy


Kudos to the marketing department at San Antonio's Men's Palace Club's marketing department. The PR stunt worked. Not only did the Men's Palace Club get the local and national media to come out to watch their strippers tube down the Comal River on Sunday... they got SacredFems.com to write not just one, but two, articles about it!

What a great marketing campaign, what a great TEASE! No one even hinted they would be flashing a nipple, yet the local panties-in-a-wad crowd got so nervous the TV stations turned out to watch the lovely ladies drift by, hoping to spot a topless Sacred Fem being busted. Voyeuristic pervs!

The strippers kept their swimsuits on, and were well-behaved.

A different group, however, which included minors, were ticketed for underage drinking, and an adult with them was arrested for providing alcohol to the kids.

Few tubers objected to the group, but some were dismayed.

"It's not a place for them," said one woman, who apparently thinks attractive women shouldn't be seen in public.

The story first got our attention last week, before the event, when New Braunfels city councilman Ken Valentine was quoted as saying the strippers should "be in church" on Sunday, not tubing down the river.

Ironically, a news link from the TV station's website where we read about this leads to a current story about Baptist minister Jerry Dale Carver, from nearby Austin, who was arrested this week for allegedly sexually molesting a 15-year-old boy.

His photo and bio have been stripped from his (former?) church's "meet the staff" webpage at Great Hills Baptist Church. This notice appears on the church's Features page: "The church is saddened by the report today by the Austin Police Department, and we are concerned for all of the individuals involved. This is a serious matter that is the subject of a pending investigation, so it would not be appropriate to make any further public comment at this time."

Before we feel sorry for the congregation and think maybe Carver is just "one bad apple," dig this: Not too many years ago, Great Hills Baptist Church's then-youth minister Rick Willitz was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor. He's still behind bars.

I think the strippers were much safer floating down the river in their bikinis than all dressed up going to church.

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I think the strippers were much safer floating down the river in their bikinis than all dressed up going to church.

And apparently, the local minors would be safer and more well-behaved by hanging around with the strippers.

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