Monday, September 25, 2006

Mona Lisa to give up her secrets


Later this week, scientists will present the findings of the most extensive three-dimensional scan ever done on the Mona Lisa.

The work, created by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503-1506, is the world's most famous painting.

In 2004, a comprehensive study of the work was begun, using special 3D technology developed by scientists from Canada's National Research Council (NRC).

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I've heard she was somebody's wife, and even more intriquingly, that she is Leonardo himself, a kind of self-portrait in drag if you will. Maybe this will finally answer the question once and for all.
The scientists' findings are in!

It's amazing what they found, check it out!
No, no! It's a DaVinci painting. She's the daughter of a nobleman who is really the guardian of the codex outlinging the geneology of Mary and the bloodline of the...

Oh, wait. They already made a movie like that.

The Tao of Masonry
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