Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Actress poses nude for PETA's anti-fur campaign


Actress Sadie Frost has unveiled her naked portrait as she launched an anti-fur campaign in central London.

The celebrity bared her bottom for an advert for animal rights organisation Peta as London's Fashion Week got under way.

Frost, 41, a strict vegetarian, posed with her naked image in Covent Garden.

The advert was shot by rock star Bryan Adams and features the actress-turned-fashion designer peering provocatively over her shoulder next to the tag line: "Turn Your Back On Fur".

The actress said: "Peta's anti-fur campaign is basically about turning your back on fur.

"Through doing the naked photo, people will hopefully stop and look at the campaign."

Commenting on the photo shoot, she said: "I was definitely a bit nervous on the day but if you are around people you trust it's nice. It's also a nice thing for every woman to have and it's something they should have done at some time in their life."

But the mother-of-four, who co-owns the fashion label frostfrench with childhood friend Jemima French, confessed to working out before posing for the picture.

"I was doing six months of exercises before the picture was taken. I was doing trapeze work, rock climbing, every known exercise to get a pert bottom."

Commenting on her friend, Kate Moss, who is reportedly a fur wearer, Frost said: "I don't think it's my job to preach. She knows a lot of facts and she can wear what she wants to wear. I'm a veggie and she's not. You can't preach to people or bully them."

From the London Daily Mail.

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Would that be:
People Enjoying Tasty Animals ?

The Sacred Chao of Masonry
Nah... it's "People for the Exposure of Tits and Ass."
Your both wrong. Its PLEASE EAT THE ANIMALS
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