Wednesday, June 14, 2006

120 Los Angeles deputies in riot gear evict gardeners, pull Daryl Hannah from a tree


More than 120 Los Angeles deputies, some wearing riot helmets and swinging batons, converged on a community garden Tuesday to evict people who use the land to grow flowers and vegetables.

Fire truck lifts and chainsaws were used to pull people, including actress Daryl Hannah, from a walnut tree. Others chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels.

"I'm very confident this is the morally right thing to do, to take a principled stand in solidarity with the farmers," Hannah said by cell phone before a fire truck raised officers into the tree.

About 350 people grow produce and flowers on the 14 acres of privately owned land, in an inner-city area surrounded by warehouses and railroad tracks. The garden has been there for more than a decade, but the landowner, Ralph Horowitz, now wants to replace it with a warehouse.

Dozens of protesters chanted, "We're here and we're not going to leave!" in Spanish, blew whistles and blocked traffic in the surrounding streets. Protesters linked arms and sat on the tracks. Officers dragged some protesters away.

Read more about this urban renewal project....

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They were dragged away as well they should have been. It was private property. Perhaps Darryl Hannah and her Hollywood chums could have bought the property and then done what they wanted to with it.
This is exactly symbolic of what the Ultra-liberal left believes in. They do not believe in nor affirm the right of individual ownership of property. They are very Socialist in their policies.
I think the deputies showed great restraint and professionalism in that no one was hurt.
Good show for the L.A. deputies!!

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