Monday, June 12, 2006

The Holy World Cup: "Da Vinci Code" vs. "Passion of the Christ"


According to LA Weekly, The Da Vinci Code has surpassed that other Jesus move, Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, in worldwide ticket sales, $642 million compared to $623 million, making Sony's religious thriller the 26th biggest all-time hit.

Da Vinci
earned $22 million overseas last week, despite summer being typically slow for movies in Europe, and with stiff competition for attention by the World Cup soccer games. Da Vinci is the number one movie for the fourth week in a row, with worldwide take now over $453 million.

The American box office has cooled slightly; Da Vinci was in sixth place with just over $10 million, and overall, U.S. ticket sales of $189 are far below Passion's $370 million.

So, the overall score for the World Cup, er, I mean, World Chalice? It appears Americans far prefer viewing the violence perpetrated against their Lord and Savior than in believing that He might have gotten married and sired a child.

More info: Top-grossing all-time movies world-wide

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