Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mother panicky over giving birth on 6-6-6 Devil's Day


A soon-to-be-mum in England induced the birth of her child early so she wouldn't download him on the Devil's Day (today), June 6, 2006.

When told her due date was today, Melissa Parker's "blood ran cold," and she immediately began having nightmares. "When I got my due date I thought 'Oh God, I’m giving birth to Damien from the Omen.'"

God help the child, growing up with such a superstitious mother.

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Certainly, this hysteria over a date that happens every hundred years is ridiculous. The bigger issue, though, is that there are women who induce labor or have elective cecearians all the time (really) for convinience sake- their own, and physicians'. One doctor admitted that 90% of his patient's labors were induced. The idea that a baby is "ready" after 35 weeks (ding!) is becoming not only a trend but a medical disaster.
one woman that wants to induces a bith , cant be presented as a statement against religion or to probe fanatism, its just one case in billions.
Another thing i would like to say is, why everyone thinks the antichrist is going to be a man? lets defend the women s right to be the anticrist!!!, if christ was a man the anticrist sholud be a woman is logic.
Hail Eris!
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