Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Witches' council publishes survey results


The Covenant of the Goddess is a non-profit religious organization founded in 1975 to increase cooperation among Witches and to secure for Witches and covens the legal protection enjoyed by members of other religions.

Membership is open to solitary witches as well as covens.

The COG recently published the results of their 2005 survey of witches, Wiccans and pagans.

The poll indicates that a majority of respondents are well educated, above a high school diploma, and an overwhelming number (94%) are registered voters. The poll also shows 27% are raising their children within their religion, while 52% indicate a multi-faith upbringing. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents indicate their spiritual practice is not affiliated with any faith group or organization

The Covenant's Code Of Ethics:
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