Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci protests abound, but we didn't see any


With venom and vitriol, "loving" Christians are protesting the premiere of The Da Vinci Code. With a U.S. opening weekend box office of $77 million, the movie ranks second only after 2002's Spider-Man for highest grossing opening weekend in history.

We went to see the film last night (Sunday evening), and took a camera hoping to snap some shots of protesters to post today. Alas, no one was at the theater except peaceful movie-goers. No rants, no rosaries, no bullhorns, no arson. (We did notice several cars in the parking lot bearing Masonic emblems.)

Elsewhere, the protests continue:
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I didnt see any protests and I've seen it twice! Guess I am going to burn doubly hot in Hell. These people really need a job or a hobby or something to occupy their time.
We wouldnt be having to hear from these fundies if their fathers had only pulled out when he had the chance. (Ladies- Please forgive me if that statement seemed rude or inappropriate. It was not meant to be.) TY

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