Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Albinos condemn "Da Vinci" assassin


When GrouchoGandhi mentioned that albinos were upset about the bad guy in The Da Vinci Code being an albino, I thought he was kidding. Not only are millions of Christians unhappy about the un-P.C. way Jesus is presented in the movie, but albinos are miffed that the murderous monk is unpigmented?

Did little people complain when an Austin Powers movie featured Mini-Me? Did fat people complain when an Austin Powers movie featured Fat Bastard? Did aging former pretty boys complain when Robert Wagner was replaced by Rob Lowe?

Then what's the beef? Do we live in a world where "being offended" is a way of life?

Go read Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's article "Are Resentments Justified?" and get on with your lives.

Hollywood lives and breathes stereotypes. It's not going to change. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Take an acting workshop, and audition for the roles yourselves!

Image: Sta-Puft the Marshmallow Man, the bad guy from Ghostbusters

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It'll be the Hunchback Coalition next.
Those danged albinos have nothing better to do with their time than just *itch & moan about stuff! What geeks!!!
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