Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"The Da Vinci Code": Even the reviews are part of the conspiracy!


Now that the laughing gas has worn off, the reviews are coming in. And some of them are not good. But the "first one," after a mysterious delay making it not actually the first one, proclaims the movie "good."
Fox News was touted across the Internet as having "the first review," but the link was broken for at least an hour around 4 a.m. ET Wednesday morning. The URL appeared as part of the page, with only the Fox logo appearing. It's got to be a conspiracy, perhaps by Sony/Columbia. Yeah, that's it.

Fifteen minutes later, the link was intact. And the review by Roger Friedman was good: "...[I]t's a good movie, a solid entertainment with much to recommend it. The only people who could be unhappy with it are Opus Dei, which is fairly well attacked as represented in excellent performances by Paul Bettany, Jean Reno and Alfred Molina. Mainstream audiences will take this for what it is: superb escapism, excellent summer entertainment and ambitious filmmaking."

Odd. The first stories about reviews said they were bad. Now the story calling itself "the first review" is good. Conspiracy, conspiracy!

Meanwhile, the Philipines has rated The Da Vinci Code film R-18, meaning children are not allowed to see it. The rating means over half the theatres in the country won't be allowed to screen it.

An unidentified Sony spokesman said they will not challenge the rating, for fear that a review of the rating would earn the film an X-rating, which effectively would ban it from the Philippines.

A survey commissioned by the Catholic Church says that people who have read The Da Vinci Code are twice as likely to believe that Jesus sired children with Mary Magdalene as those who have not read the book.

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