Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Madonna crucified


In a weird mix of Sacred and Fem, Kabalah-loving Madonna opened her Confessions World Tour by being hung on a giant, silvery cross with a crown of thorns atop her head.

As expected, Christians don't like it.

A Church of England spokesman said: "Is Madonna prepared to take on everything else that goes with wearing a crown of thorns?

"And why would someone with so much talent seem to feel the need to promote herself by offending so many people?"

David Muir of the Evangelical Alliance said: "It is downright offensive. Madonna's use of Christian imagery is an abuse and it is dangerous.

"The Christian reaction to this sort of thing tends to be tempered but if the same thing was done with the imagery and iconography of other faiths the reaction woulld be very different."

Go ahead, Church. Bitch about it a lot. Sell some tickets for her like you did for The Da Vinci Code.

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I'm not offended by anything Madonna does, just annoyed. Enough already. You've tried using sex, then moved onto plain S&M, then Kabbalah, and now this.
Oh, yeah. Madonna knows how to get attention by being annoying. She's been doing it all her professional life.

Her constant re-design of herself was once cutting-edge and refreshing. Now, it's hardly newsworthy unless she's, like you said, annoying someone.

— Mary
There is nothing more annoying than her music though...Sorry...I'm a critic
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