Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mary, we did not know you


The following poem was left as a comment on the MySpace page of Sacred Fems, by our Sacred Fem friend Queen Cleopatra the Seventh.

Mary, We Did Not Know You

By Maya, Priestess, Order of Mary Magdala

Mary, we did not know you.
Kept hidden for centuries you were despised,
A Queen not seen, under harlot's disguise.
Mary, we did not know you.

No Wife has He, we were told.
No Priestess, no Bride, no Queen, He was alone.
They dressed you in rags, royal purple not shown.
Mary, we did not know you.

My heart weeps for what was lost.
How we treated you, Divine Daughter on High.
I search Heaven and Earth and ask myself, why.
Mary, we did not know you.

May we now bring wrong to right.
We will sing of Your Queenship for all to hear.
We will ring your truth, north, south, far and near.
Mary, now all may know you.

Image: Ted Neely and Yvonne Elliman as Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar

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