Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Da Vinci Code's biggest critic: Comet 73-P


Amazing! Phenomenal! Unheard of! That's what's happening to the statistics counter at our brother site Burning Taper! Thousands upon thousands of hits from Japan are making the dials spin like crazy!

Why? They're all suddenly coming in to read about the Schwassman-Wachmann Comet 73-P, that Eric Julien predicts will splash into the Atlantic Ocean in just under 12 hours! Burning Taper has been writing about this event for over three weeks. But this kind of Internet traffic is incredible!

It's said when there's an earthquake coming, the dogs start to howl and the wild animals start to stampede. Humans are even more sensitive.

The comet collision is predicted to set off underwater volcanos and monstrous tsunamis. If there's anything the Japanese know about, it's earth-shattering catastrophes and volcanos! You've seen the Godzilla movies, haven't you?

Better read up on the comet. You only have about 12 hours!

Stories about Comet 73-P on Burning Taper:
Image: Hachiman, the Japanse god of the sky and of war

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