Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Amazing Goddess" sexual therapist arrested for prostitution


A Penacock, New Hampshire woman who advertises herself online as an "Amazing Goddess" has been arrested for prostitution.

Suzan Belanger admits to having received money after having sex with clients, but says the money was a donation and that the sex was therapeutic, not for physical gratification.

She says she has been assured by God that what she is doing is not only legal, but sacred and of a healing nature.

Belanger said she was called to sexual healing, which she said involves oral sex and intercourse, by God and fairies. "He said, 'Suzan, you can be a rainbow in the dark. You can elevate this dark and dirty hole and make it sacred and healing.'"

"I did this as a healer, not a prostitute," Belanger said.

She plans to fight the charge. "I plan to take this sky high," she said, "and show them how godly God can be." She has a call in to Oprah.

Belanger's shop opened in March, 2006. She offers services as a certified Reiki healer, cosmologist, herbalist and sexual therapist. She said she has one ministry degree and is studying for her doctorate in divinity. The money she collected from clients was for her education, she said.

Belanger's webpage is part of a network of "goddesses" and "gods" across the country who work as yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, ejaculation-control experts, and "sexual surrogates."

In the righthand navbar is a poll asking you, simply, should prostitution be legal? We'd like to know what you think. We'd like to know your reasoning, too. Please elaborate in the comments section. Thanks!

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The whole idea of paying for sex has always baffled me. In an age where we have nude beaches, magazines, videos, people still get discumbuberated at the site of a boob, like Janet Jackson's flashing. Our society has classified sex as something dirty and degrading. Yet how does the population expand? Through sex. I would never pay for sex, that money could be used for a nice relaxing round of golf. If they legalized prostitution, the government could start taxing their wages and making more money to line their pockets. As for the goddess doing good sexual healing, it's nothing more then sex for money. In this day and age, if a man or woman has to pay for sex, I feel pity for them. Men don't want their sisters or mothers out prostituting themselves, but they continue to pay for someone else's sister or mother. I say legalize prostitution, it's only fun when you are breaking the law.
"It's only fun when you are breaking the law"?

If sex isn't fun all the time, you're not doing it right!

— Mary
sacred , goddess...i think i ve heard that before.
I think legalising prostitution is long overdue. You only need to look at places such as Holland who have a regulated sex industry to see how much benefit and more importantly safety it brings to those involved. The prostitutes undergo regular STD tests, they are guaranteed a safe clean environment in which to do their job and they pay their taxes.

To me the legalisation of prostitution is far more about the safety of the women involved as they no longer require a pimp who may beat, rape and steal from them not to mention the clientele who may do the same. If they are in a building with security it eliminates the dangers.

As for those who believe prostitution encourages rape they are greatly mistaken. Statistics have shown that rape is in fact far, far lower in towns where prostitution is accepted. Bear in mind that for whatever reason some men and women are unable to find a partner and prostitutes are a safe way to fulfill their need
"It's only fun when you are breaking the law"?

If sex isn't fun all the time, you're not doing it right!

I reread and can see where the misconception came from. Actually sex wasn't all that fun during my first marriage which lasted 17 years. But finding true love and the true meaning of sharing has changed everything and has made it more then fun.
All I meant was, that when something is made illegal or taboo, it becomes that much more exciting to the common mind, such as drugs, alcohol and sex.
I do agree with Emma. Legalizing would cut down on STD's and rape.
It's so absurd that we waste billions of dollars fighting wars against personal sins, e.g., drugs, gambling and prostitution. We could put a fraction of that into education.

Prostitution should be regulated, taxed and part of society.

Aside from sex, there is a legitimate need for the related industries mentioned, such as surrogacy, massage, sex education. There are many people who believe that sexual aspects of healing are legitimate. There are many men who go to masseuses for a legitimate massage and who wind up with a so-called happy ending.

For the harpies who challenge that, think about your own lives. Very few have someone in their life who will spend a couple of hours dealing with relaxation, meditation, energy and problems. It sounds easy but it is hard work.

For those who worry about "whas my man doin' there?" Think about what you add to your relationship. I'm convinced that a man who has a comforting spouse, one who spends hours on his "issues" is rare. The others and that's the vast majority should not be surprised when your man seeks help and non-rushed assistance elsewhere.

Before you judge, look inward. It's a fact of life.
The word ‘whore’ derives from the words meaning ‘desired one’.

In ancient Egypt, whores were known as ‘Ladies of the Hour’. In present day India, in Hindu temples, they are referred to as ‘Devadasis’. These meanings were not derogatory. Rather it was viewed as holy or sacred.

I understand that sex is so healing and therapeutic. After all, how many men are angry and will go and do road rage after they have had sex? Sex obviously calms them down!

Those who slander escorts are in real ignorance! And those who bitterly complain that women are all whores - well it's that person obviously filled with bitterness (probably been rejected by women).

Whore means 'holy one', 'desired one'.
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