Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Now we must dance....


Jessica Vale's name may not yet be known across the world, but the sound effects she's put on her new album "The Sex Album" are universal, and as old as time.

Called a "catchy coital anthem," the song "Disco Libido" has debuted at Number 37 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. [Listen to a sample.]

The sound effects on the song are of couples having sex. Jessica herself is one of the recorded participants.

In the sample I've heard, the men sound like Darth Vader breathing fast, and the women sound like baaah-ing sheep, but maybe there's more to it if you listen to the whole song. Or maybe that's just what we sound like when we're having sex....

The driving, pulsing dance beat sounds to me like every other driving, pulsing dance song I've ever heard, but this one keeps you going with Jessica singsonging in your ear, "Now we must dance... so later we f**k."

"People have gotten over the fact that it's made out of sex," says Vale, 27, who heard about her chart position while vacationing with boyfriend and co-producer Ivan Evangelista at Graceland. "Now they can just listen to music and move on."

"I mean, I think by now we all know where the microphones went," she adds with a laugh, referring to the intimate recording sessions she had with seven couples she met in New York fetish and dance clubs. "I just want to focus on the music."

You can read more about "The Sex Album" at the New York Daily News, and at Jessica's website.

The album's existence pretty much proves the point of the previous post, that we live in a "pimp and whore" culture.

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