Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Paris Hilton to play Mother Teresa in Bollywood epic?


T. Rajeevnath, one of India's best known film directors is making a movie about the life of 1979 Nobel Prize for Peace winner Mother Teresa, and he wants Paris Hilton to play her, WebIndia123.com reported on Sunday.

Ms. Hilton moved onto Raj's short list after being impressed by her refusal to appear nude in Playboy magazine.

Rajeevnath, 54, has won a national award for direction, besides quite a few international awards. His popular films include Moksham, Janani and Thannal.

Mother Teresa will be his 11th commercial film and he has already sold this idea to a few international production houses including the U.S.-based First Serve International.

The rest of the cast will be natives of India.

Rajeevnath said he hoped to secure the Pope's blessing for the project. He also indicated he was pursuing sitar maestro Ravi Shankar as music director.

Paris Hilton was unavailable for comment, but she has said some really cute things in the past, such as:

Mother Teresa was unavailable for comment, but said this in a speech in 1994: "The poor are very great people. They can teach us many things."

The film has a budget of around $13 million.

Paris Hilton is expected to inherit at least $50 million of the Barron Hilton estate.

Mother Teresa ate rice most of her life.

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