Friday, January 27, 2006

Breaking the Glass Ceiling


In 1979 women earned 62.5 cents for every dollar that a man yearned. By 1993 they were earning 77.1 cents for every dollar, although it slipped down to 75 cents and is continuing to decline. That’s not a great improvement considering the fact that women are actually getting more education than their male counterparts. The number of women enrolled in college and universities increased from 45.5% to 55% between 1975 and 1991. They also earn more than half of the masters degrees being awarded, yet they still only hold 46.5% of the jobs and less than 8% of senior management positions.


Source: Can Women Break the Glass Ceiling?

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your observations are accurate but there is the eternal truth that figures lie and liars figure.

One reason that women earn less that men is that women are often happy to have parttime work and naturally parttime wages.

The days when women truly did not enjoy the opportunities that men do are rapidly fading into folklore as women do attain the scholastic levels men once monopolized.

another factor is that the major sports leagues are paying unreal wages to people and those figures help perpetuate the gap in earning power. When you realize that most leagues have an average salary in the mid 5 figure range and a wide assortment of multimillion "stars" that are not really great at all.

I am a male and have never been paid a salary above the medium range of national figures. Three of my six children are earning six figure incomes, and all are earning more than I ever did.

However I taught them (males and females alike) that they must first and foremost respect themselves and demand of others what is appropriate (not exceptional)both in respect and they have not had to ask for increases, but were given them in order to retain their services.

my suggestion os do not look to the icons but lead by your ability so that your rewards are heaped on you because you deserve them. No not all will be the richest person on the payroll, but so long as you are satisfied and still working for more, I know it will come to you.

If this were really true, why wouldn't every company in America hire only women and keep the 25% savings?
You ask (with a faulty premise I am not telling the truth) why wouldnt american commerce save the 25% differential.

I assure you that were you to check further you would note that more often than not there were probably more male than female applicants.

You would also find after further investigation that not all the male applicants were necessarally less qualified than the females.

You might also note that the males were more aggressive in their efforts to secure the positions you may have missed out on.

I know that when I was registered with a management consulting firm they recognized that while I was qualified for many jobs, I probably would not have, any one they were able to place me in, the job a year later. Their accurate diagonosis was that I did not think it was my job to tell the boss how good I am. I figure it is the bosses job to know how good my work was and reward it appropriately. Meanwhile others in comparable levels of management would be hungary and working like hell to make sure the boss knew how good they were.

My children for the most part are better qualified for their positions than I probably ever was, and they performed to their standards of performance rather than any industry standards. Contrary to the idea you seem to espouse, just being female is not enough. You have to also have the ability, drive, and knowledge to give the employer what they need.
I am a man, I invented the wheel. I built the Eiffel Tower with brawn and steel. I think clearly under pressure and at rest. I am relied upon because I am the best. I provide shelter for my dependants because I can. I am burly, bold and strong And usually never wrong. Sports, booze and women is our life, Saying no to a nagging girlfriend or wife. We the men of the world must stay free We will leave the toilet seat up so we can pee! Raise your glasses and join hands! Let us drink and cry out our motto… …I AM A MAN!
Thought you might find this a fun read.
It may be simple thinking but I believe there is a measured amount of depth attached to the fear of breasts!
Women are wanted sexually but not fully during professional relationship.
If it has tits it has to have some form of stupidity!

Unlike sex women will always come out on top!
mais les femmes occupent souvent des emplois moins bien rémunérés
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