Sunday, January 22, 2006

Isis — The Supreme Mother Goddess


As one of the deities of the holy trinity of the Egyptian pantheon, Isis is one of the oldest gods on record. She was the most powerful deity, as well, having tricked the older Egyptian sun god Ra into revealing His name and giving His powers to Her.

Isis taught skills to women, including spinning fibers, grinding corn, and reading. She was the first to use mummification, and restored Her husband Osiris to life, after He was murdered by His jealous brother Set and His body hacked to pieces.

As the daughter of Nut and Geb, She was not only the wife of Osiris, but His sister as well — His female counterpart, equal in all ways and powers. Isis was the mother of Horus, who was the resurrected Osiris.

Her worship spread throughout the world, and was the prototype of Egyptian goddesses that followed, including Hathor, and of Greek, Roman, Babylonian goddesses, including Aphrodite, Venus, Hera, Astarte, Ishtar, Ceres, Persephone, to name but a few. The Virgin Mary and Her son Jesus perhaps are more recent reflections of Isis and Her son Horus. In fact, all Goddesses are expressions of Isis. Isis is the original Widow, and Horus the original Widow's Son.

Isis was also associated with the moon, magick, motherhood, civilization and was the patron to all priestesses.

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