Friday, March 20, 2009

Dan Brown's 'Solomon Key' almost ready?


Who knows if it's true or just conjecture, but last month director Ron Howard, now working on the film version of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, told reporters that Brown's forthcoming (we've been waiting for years) novel titled The Solomon Key is finally finished, the Guardian said last month.

The novel's storyline has long been rumored to be about the involvement of Freemasons in the early history of the United States, with Washington, D.C., as the primary locale.

We wonder if any of the details found in Dan Brown's leaked notes (see Sacred Fems, May 4, 2006) will be a part of the new novel.

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i think its a communication device to the lost races of our universe the technology was hidden from us so long ago we forgot it existed but something so sinple as thought and memory cannot be stoped just passed on through genetic memory we will eventually get back our ability to be one with the universe and the vatican is oh so powerless to stop us
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