Sunday, April 09, 2006

Seeing the Sacred Feminine in Yourself


Seeing the Sacred Feminine in Yourself, by Mary Madonna

Sacred Feminine. It’s funny to think that I have never in my life put those two words together in a sentence. We are not taught that the female is sacred. We are taught that the female committed the first sin and led man astray in the process. We are then taught that a normal bodily function is a curse for this sin. Female sensuality is, more often than not, viewed as somehow wicked. A picture of a nude female body is viewed by most as pornography.

We are not taught that the female is sacred. But we truly are. God has given us the ability to bring life into this world. Without "the curse," we would not have this ability. God favored women by allowing us to carry His creation in our wombs. He favored a women in the birth of His son. He is God. He could have brought a son into this world any other way. But he chose woman.

I lost my ability to have children at 35 years of age. I have never missed PMS but there have been times when I was saddened by the knowledge that I could not have another child. We should teach our daughters about the sacredness of this gift.

We should teach them to respect their bodies, not out of fear of God’s retribution, but for their own well-being. Studies show that promiscuity leads to a low self-esteem. If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect others to respect us and see the sacred feminine in us?

— Mary Madonna

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