Thursday, March 30, 2006

Worse than Vietnam: The Musical


Back in February we told you about the Lost Weekend Instant Film contest our friends at SoCal Film Group in Los Angeles were sponsoring. The concept: Show up with your cameras and crew and reach into a bowl and find out what kind of movie you must make within 48 hours. The movie must feature a candle, and you must use a headline from the current Los Angeles Weekly as your inspiration.

The winner has been named. Directors Jason Schnell and Eric Pumphrey were given the assignment of making a MUSICAL. Less than two days later, they presented to the judges one heck of a crowd pleaser: Worse than Vietnam. One of the stars in this short film is Lynsey Bartilson [pictured here], who had a starring role on the sit-com Grounded for Life from 2001-2005. The film also stars Rachel Miner, Kelly Meyersfield, Mike Malota, Eric Pumphrey, and Adrian Ursu.

See the movie. If you are offended by references to masturbation and sex, don't go there.

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